10 years of coding...

It's been almost 10 years since I setup this domain and the sole purpose of it was for my Wordpress blog on development. Wrote a couple of good articles there, until one day it was hacked and the service died... I was thinking, should I continue with this domain? I'm paying a hell of a lot each year for the domain and not doing anything useful with it. That was when I realized I had already graduated from college for nearly 10 years.

In the beginning...

My adventures in software engineering began in one of the coolest companies in the world, Lucasfilm/Industrial Light & Magic. It was here that I started Python and web development. I will never forget my very first web developer mentor, Jon Wynacht. This guy loved his coffee. He would brew his own coffee every morning and share it with everyone in the office.

Web development at that time was largely based on jQuery for javascript and traditional web frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails. I started with Pylons. I was walking in the dark; not knowing what I was doing. I hear a lot about AJAX but was clueless on how to use it. I had difficulty comprehending how a path like /user/1 passed into the jQuery.ajax() function translated to a path on the server-side (backend) which resulted in triggering some code in a controller in python. It took me a long time figuring out what was going on. I read a lot of articles and books, and later it just clicked. By later, I mean something like 4 months later! I had an Indian manager at that time in Singapore Lucasfilm. This guy was really something. I was asked into his office one day:

Boss: Why are you taking so long to do something so easy?

Me: Sorry, but I just never done web development in my life and I'm still learning.

Boss: If you don't know how to do web development, then why did you even volunteer to work on the project?

Let's just say I wasn't a big fan of his. A bloody idiot he was. With a mindset like his, he'll never get far in life.

Into the unknown!

After Lucasfilm, on December 20, 2011 (2 days after getting married to my college sweet heart), I moved to Hangzhou, China to start a new job and new life. I remember there was a lot of resistance from my mother because I was still getting paid the exact same amount in Singapore. Trust me, my wages in the early days was pathetic. My wife earned 2.5 times more than me! However, my father taught me one thing from a very young age:

Don't think about money when you get a job. You are bound to fail/lose out in the end with that sort of mentality. Always strive to learn and constantly improve yourself. Money will follow naturally after that.

Thus, with that, my China chapter began!

I'll continue with Part 2 later.